Sustainably successful in-house training courses for machine operators

The IDEEN-FABRIK+ from the KOMET GROUP on site at URACA

"We want to achieve the best quality possible. We need to use high-tech tools for this, and we want to use them well," says Fritz Dieterle, Deputy Head of the Mechanical Production department at URACA on his motivation for organising in-house training courses on continuous drilling with indexable inserts. The certifi cates subsequently handed over by the Head of the IDEEN-FABRIK+, Frank Stahl, are obvious symbols of success for each participant. "However, the real success of the training courses lies in the many small and large improvements we have made," says Dieterle. Frank Stahl, Head of the IDEEN-FABRIK+, hands participants' certificates over to Fritz Dieterle of URACA. Also present: Hans-Joachim Kempf, the KOMET GROUP's attending field representative.

The constant need to achieve the best possible quality is due to the nature of the products manufactured by URACA Pumpenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG from Bad Urach. This company, which produces high-pressure plunger pumps and high-pressure water-jet technology in the heart of the Swabian Jura, is at the cutting edge of global development. The high demands are evident from the range of application in sophisticated manufacturing, production, and cleaning processes. Their wide range covers descaling during steel manufacturing, construction site stabilisation with the defined removal of concrete and cement layers, the deburring of precision parts for the aviation industry, hydrostatic pipeline testing, and oil and fuel production. "To enable aeroplanes to take off safely and machines to work smoothly and to ensure safety during oil production, a high amount of precision is required," explains Dieterle. For URACA, the concept of precision is implemented right from the component production stage. This family business has relied upon a very high level of vertical integration for over 100 years. Machining processes are correspondingly extensive and are characterised by sophisticated materials such as different types of stainless steel. "A typical aspect of our production is also the high level of flexibility with which we manufacture our products during piece production or small production runs," adds Dieterle: "Ultimately, URACA technology is always optimised for the specific application.

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