Fine adjustment head:
Flexibility in fine boring

KOMET MicroKom®  and KomTronic®

The technically sophisticated product series KOMET MicroKom®  and KomTronic®  stand out for their particular performance capability and flexibility. They therefore come up to the highest requirements in terms of precision, concentricity and replacement accuracy.
The modularity, a wide range of the latest cutting materials and high-performance coatings complete the series for all requirements in fine boring machining.

Range overview KOMET®  Fine boring:

KOMET MicroKom®  hi.flex

KOMET MicroKom®  hi.flex
Ø: 0.5 to 125.0 mm
L/D: up to 6xD
Connection: ABS®

KOMET MicroKom®  M03 Speed

KOMET MicroKom® 
M03 Speed
Ø 24.8 to 206.0 mm
L/D: up to 6xD modular
Connection: ABS®

KOMET MicroKom®  M040

KOMET MicroKom®  BluFlexTM
Ø: 6 to 215 mm
Boring bar, serrated body, bridge/insert holder
Connection: ABS®


Further catalogue range:

KOMET MicroKom®  M02
Ø: 0.5 to 103.0 mm
L/D: 3xD, 4xD, 5xD, 6xD
Connection: ABS®, cylindrical shank

KOMET UniTurn®  Boring bars
Ø: 3.0 to 8.0 mm
L/D: up to 5xD
Connection: cylindrical shank

KOMET Micro-adjustable head  B300
Ø: 28.0 to 199.0 mm
L/D: >3.5xD
Connection: ABS®

KOMET MicroKom®
Boring bars

Ø: 0.5 to 30.0 mm
L/D: 3xD, >3.5xD
Connection: ABS
®, cylindrical shankt

KOMET®  Balancing ring
For fine balancing of standard tools