For use in aluminium

Modular tool system

The variable the boring, countersinking
and thread milling system is a tool system
developed by JEL®  which is used in
series production. 



The VABOS EASY System consists of the following components:

  • VABOS EASY basic holder
  • VABOS EASY head
  • Central tool


The cutting materials available include solid carbide or PCD.


Central tools of VABOS EASY:

  • Thread milling cutters MKG, MGF or TOMILL
  • Drill thread milling cutters BGF or DBGF
  • Drill reamers BRL

Animation Vabos Easy tool change



  • Machining of bores or bore/thread
    combinations with large diameter
    differences in series production
  • Bore and thread production on
    CNC machining centres
  • Drilling, countersinking, thread
    milling specially in aluminium
  • Combination possibilities:
    • Drill thread milling including face
      counterbores and 90° countersinking
    • Face counterbores,
      90° countersinking, external milling and thread milling
    • Circular boring or rough boring and
    • Boring, 90° countersinking and
      face counterbores

Your PLUS:

  • Combination of several operations in
    one tool
  • Fewer tool changes
  • Reduction of machining time
  • Basic holder with HSK-A63 connection
    as standard stock article
  • Four different head types for indexable
    inserts or PCD-brazed available at
    a fixed price
  • Short delivery time