With foresight.

Dr.-Ing. (Doctor of Engineering) Christof W. Bönsch has been the director responsible for the areas of technology, sales and marketing since 2007. He benefits from many years of international experience in various companies, where he has been responsible for the areas of development, production, marketing and sales.



“Creative ideas and tailor-made solutions for our customers, this is what drives us on. We rely on knowledge, experience, courage and foresight, and guarantee our customers comprehensive expertise and an enormous technology lead.”

Dipl.-Betriebswirt (Master of Business Administration) Matthias S. Heinz has been the director responsible for the commercial area since 2007. He has experience with international companies, and has been responsible amongst other things for the day-to-day business of a German group in the USA as the Commercial Director.

“Our objective is to design our production processes to be more accurate and profitable, and at the same time to increase the process reliability. Our customers profit from this added value, today and in the future.”