QPC - Quality Process Control

Quality control / online 6-sigma monitoring

A unique selling point of the KOMET BRINKHAUS ToolScope is the patented process of online-statistical process control on the basis of an online 6-sigma (sixsigma) assessment. The module has been designed mainly for medium and large batch sizes. This quality monitoring can take place both time-based or path-based. With this method, the tolerance bands approach the process in the best possible way through self-learning (on the basis of statistic methods). Production deviations are taken into account according to the 6-sigma interval. This way, it can be established whether the 20th, 30th or 100th process step still corresponds to the first 10 learnt processes in terms of statistic stipulations. This monitoring method is thus more than just breakage control and tool monitoring, it is quality control / quality monitoring during production.

Statistische Prozesskontrolle