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Just imagine what it would be like if your products had the outstanding properties of diamonds. With r-BeSt technology we have managed to make this dream come true.

The r-BeSt method
is a completely newly developed method of manufacturing diamond layers. These layers are created during a thermal process. Crystal size is in the nanometer range.

The r-BeSt diamond layer has a lot to offer, because only the r-BeSt method allows top-quality and highest-purity diamond films to be applied evenly to large surfaces with complex shapes.

The diamond layer is extremely smooth and is even reflective on a shiny base surface. This smoothness has an aesthetic appearance, so that applications are possible in the field of jewellery, where the focus is on the brilliance of the layer. The purity and quality of the r-BeSt diamond layer open up new areas of application in semi-conductor technology which have not been possible so far.