Diamond coating brings clear advantages
KOMET-RHOBEST offers tailor-made and flexible diamond coating solutions as well as speedy and fast implementation. This has numerous advantages for customer interests. On the one hand, the close links with research and development allow individual machining requirements to be taken up and new paths to be explored consistently in tool coating. On the other, customers from the contract coating sector in particular can put their trust in the experienced and internationally established competence of the precision toolmaker, KOMET Group.

Advantages and positive aspects at a glance:

  • Maximum hardness
    With a hardness of 1*104 kg/mm2 diamond is the hardest material known on earth. The KOMET RHOBEST diamond layers achieve a hardness of about the same degree as natural diamonds. The KOMET RHOBEST method allows this hardness to be made available to other materials in the form of a layer.
  • Extremely low friction coefficient
    The high degree of smoothness of KOMET RHOBEST diamond layers makes the coated surfaces excellently suitable for tribological applications in all market segments.
  • Optimum heat conductor
    The very high level of purity of the KOMET RHOBEST diamond layers (impurities below the detection limit) and their high quality (99.99% share of sp3 hybridised carbon i.e. the share of sp2 hybridised carbon is below the detection limit) means that they behave like natural diamond. They have the thermal conductivity of natural diamond and quickly dissipate heat.
  • Bio-compatibility
    Since diamonds are only made up of carbon atoms arranged in a cubic, face-centred crystal grid, there are no rejection reactions between diamond layers and living tissue. The KOMET RHOBEST diamond layer has a very high purity level (share of impurities below the detection limit) and is thus completely bio-compatible.
  • Insensitive to acid and radiation
    The diamond layers are resistant to a wide range of different chemicals and radioactive radiation. This makes the KOMET RHOBEST method ideal for use as a protective layer against aggressive media or radioactive radiation.
  • Electrically insulating
    Since they have the same properties as natural diamond, the KOMET RHOBEST layers form a highly insulating protective layer to the order of 1013 to 1016
    Ωcm and a bandgap of 5.45 eV.
  • Doping to semi-conductor possible
    The insulating KOMET RHOBEST diamond layers can be used as semiconductors through doping with different elements. The applications to be realised through this have enormous potential both for passive and active components thanks to the high purity of the layers.