Original re-grinding service

The KOMET SERVICE® covers all work for the refurbishment of drilling, threading and reaming tools of all makes. The tools of the KOMET GROUP are refurbished to the original quality.  


Tool refurbishment – well worthwhile!


JEL®  tool range

  • solid carbide drill thread milling cutters (2, 3, 4 blades)
  • solid carbide thread milling cutters
  • other solid carbide milling tools

KOMET®  tool range

  • solid carbide twist drills
    (KOMET KUB® Drillmax)
  • solid carbide drilling tools (with and without steps)




DIHART®  tool range

  • DIHART Monomax® – fixed and adjustable, monoblock
  • Solid carbide reamers
  • One-way heads – fixed, modular
  • DIHART Reamax®
    – solid carbide, modular
  • DIHART Reamax®
    TS, modular and adjustable 
  • Cutting rings –
    adjustable, modular