Automobile and supplier industry

The mobility of people and goods is the deciding factor for life worldwide and is the motor for global economy. One of the greatest challenges of our time is to increase this speed and flexibility, while simultaneously organizing it economically and ecologically.


The KOMET GROUP accepts this challenge. Our knowledge, experience and expertise are focused upon optimizing your machining operations on parts and components, by applying the maximum technical finesse and economy. We find potential for our customers where they do not expect it: in the detail.

With the unique symbiosis of development, technical knowledge, experience and service, we have an interdisciplinary potential for finding solutions which are used by well-known companies and organizations in the automobile industry, throughout the world.

ABS Main brake cylinder Sub frame Timing housing Connecting rod Cylinder block Oil filter housing Roller cam follower Cylinder head Suspension arm Differential housing Brake Calliper Main brake cylinder Connecting rod Clutch housing Differential housing