Mechatronics from KOMET


KomTronic®  u-axis-systems

The u-axis for conversion:
KomTronic®  u-axis-systems open up
processing possibilities which were
previously unthinkable on a machining
centre: By reboring, reverse boring,
chamfering and above all for production
of NC-controlled contours, workpieces
can be fully processed with high
precision and reduced times.

As a world premier precision tool
manufacturer, we integrate electronic
components into our products, and
bring new technologies to series maturity.
Complex internal and external contours
with different diameters, in combination
with individually designed front tools, can be produced in one single
work process.

KomTronic®  u-axis-systems are
automatically convertible tool systems
and can be used in special machines and
lathes, in machining centres, and also
for the machining of components with
asymmetrical rotation.

The further development of the proven
KomTronic®  u-axis-systems has resulted
in a modular system which offers the user
more flexibility and application possibilities.

System description:

  • Compact flat turning head with
    single pusher, drive provided by
    servo-motor and threaded spindle
  • Accommodation of the complete
    adjustment mechanism and the
    complete electronics in the
    conversion unit
  • Contact-free data and energy
    transmission to any KomTronic®
    drive systems or direct to integrated
    u-axis drives in machine spindles
  • Variable adjustment travel and
  • Quasi-dynamic balance correction
    for complete dynamic balancing,
    irrespective of the stroke of the
    HPS system

Your PLUS:

  • Lower investment costs
    • Use of standard machines instead of special machines
    • Reduction of tool numbers
    • No need for clamping devices for finished processing on lathes
  • Reduced unit costs
    • Reduction of the machining and throughput times by complete machining on one single machine
    • Saving of tool changing
    • Replacement of time-consuming circular machining
  • Low operating costs
    • Complete processing on one machine without rotation of the workpiece
    • Minimum energy requirement of u-axis systems
    • Compact drive in the u-axis-system instead of larger servo-drives

Film u-axis-systems Demo