Easy assembly with

A connection for maximum process reliability

This high-precision connection guarantees reliable transfer of the torque which occurs during reaming and the concentricity required for precision machining.
DIHART Reamax®  TS is designed for high-speed machining.

Minimising setting time

The radial clamping system allows the reaming tools to be changed without removing the holder from the adapter, reducing the setting time considerably.

provides maximum production reliability for the smallest tolerances.



Multi-flute tools

Adjustable for the smallest tolerances
to compensate for wear and to meet tolerances as small as IT4, all DIHART Reamax®  TS multi-flute tools are adjustable. Maximum repeatable accuracy is achieved without pre-setting.

  • Longer tool life
  • Maximum performance
  • Extremely tight bore tolerances
  • Less machine down-time

With internal coolant supply

The coolant is supplied through the tool with radial or central outlet.

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