Maximum precision for every diameter

DIHART®  reamers

The comprehensive reamer range includes monoblock tools and reamers of carbide or with PCD coating for the most common bore diameters. The reamer range is thoroughly standardised, and therefore guarantees the shortest delivery times.


DIHART Reamax®  TS
Ø: 18.000 to 65.000 mm

DIHART Reamax®
Ø: 12.000 to 40.000 mm

DIHART Monomax®
Ø: 5.6 to 25.899 mm

DIHART® Fullmax
Ø: 3 to 20 mm

DIHART® VHM reamers
Ø: 1.4 to 12.7 mm

DIHART® Duomax
Ø: 62 to 110 mm