Carbide reamers

High performance for universal use

DIHART® Fullmax solid carbide reaming Diameter 3 to 20 mm

KOMET DIHART® is expanding its solid carbide reaming range with a completely overhauled universal reaming tool, available from stock in the main dimensions both with H7 tolerance and in 1/100 dimensions.

The combination of knowledge and experience gained with the previous product line has enabled us to systematically develop the cutting geometry and achieve incredibly high cutting performance in various different materials – even those hardened up to HRC62. At the same time, the modified cutting edge pitch reduces chatter marks and improves chip formation. In addition to optimal cutting edge cooling, the targeted coolant also aids smooth evacuation of chips that are formed. A high-performance coating completes the new design, and can be used for various different materials, thus also contributing to longer tool life, as a result of significant improved wear resistance.
These characteristics and properties combine to create the kind of precision for which KOMET®  is known on the market, as well as its high standards of dimensional accuracy and surface finish quality.

Individually configurable dimensions can be supplied in the diameter range from 3 to 20 mm. In addition, preferred ranges are available from stock for diameters 4 | 5 | 6 | 8 | 10 | 12 mm. There are separate variants matched to blind hole and through hole machining.




  • Diameters from 3 to 20 mm

Your PLUS:

    • Top performance for many different materials
    • New high-performance for universal use
    • Optimised geometry for top cutting performance
    • Minimal costs per hole as a result of high cutting data and tool life
    • Available from stock with dimensions H7 and 1/100 mm



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