Reaming with Adjustable Inserts

The new reamers from  DIHART®  which boast individually adjustable inserts are an alternative to the ready-to-use ground tool variants. These reamers also feature multiple blades and offer maximum flexibility, reduce logistics with regard to retipping and enable cost savings thanks to the favourably priced inserts which are available from stock.

The single-blade inserts are screwed in place and set to a diameter and tapering using a newly developed fine adjustment system for indexable inserts with μm accuracy. This makes hole tolerances of M IT5 easily achievable. The reference dimension is provided by two measuring blocks.

Only 14 inserts for the diameter range of 40 to 140 mm. Maximum flexibility in terms of fields of application, availability and variety of cutting materials and coatings are features of this tool, because certain components, tolerances, volumes, etc., often determine which combinations are used.

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  • Diameter range of 40 -140 mm
  • Hole tolerances of M IT5
  • Use with cast metal, solutions for steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other materials to follow
  • The tool concept can be used in special and multiple dies

Benefits for you:

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Reduces logistics with regard to retipping
  • Inserts available from stock
  • Individually adjustable inserts
  • Simple handling when making adjustments and changing the inserts

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