Thread milling into hardened steels 45-60HRC


JEL®  MGF XH Micro M1-M2.5

With the JEL®  MGF XH Micro, threads can
be made into already hardened
components. This avoids complex re-
machining due to hardening distortion.
With TiAlN coating and without internal
cooling to increase stability, thread milling
is possible up to 1.5xD.


  • Hardened steels between 45
    and 60 HRC
  • Threads can be made directly
    into already hardened components,
    such as aviation components,
  • Complex re-machining due to
    hardening distortion can be avoided
  • Anti-clockwise cutting from M1 to M2.5

Your PLUS:

  • Thread milling directly into hardened
  • Reduction in tool costs: One tool for
    two processes; 90° countersinking
    and thread milling with a single tool
  • CNC programmes can be called up
    24/7 from anywhere in the world:
  • Multiple uses – thread milling and
    90° countersinking, e.g. M1.1 and
    M1.2 are made with an M1 thread
    milling cutter


Thread milling up to 60HRC