KomPass KomPakt range

Tools readily available ex-stock

The KomPass KomPakt range of KOMET SERVICE® offers you almost the complete range of standard tools of the KOMET GROUP. This includes products from the areas of solid drilling, fine drilling, turning, rough drilling, threading, reaming, milling, machine holders, tool holders and adapters.




The Reamax® high-speed
reaming tools from DIHART®
offer maximum cutting
performance due to multiblade
capability and the advantages
of replaceable cutting bodies
in one system.

thread milling cutter BGF

These patented thread milling
cutters produce a complete
thread, including the core hole
and counterbore, in a single
operation. This requires the
use of a CNC machine or a
machining centre with the
capability of screw line

KUB Pentron®

Continuous, solid drilling up to
5xD, even under extreme
machining conditions which
have so far only been possible
up to 3xD – this is what the
KOMET KUB Pentron™ was
designed for. It is equally
convincing thanks to its
maximum precision cutting
and feed values which are
up to 20% faster than other
products on the market –
even at 5xD.




Now available ex-stock: KUB® Drillmax: The new high-performance
solid carbide drill for Ø 3 – 16 mm in 5xD und 8xD.