Sub frame


  • Machining in a single clamping set-up
  • Tool restrictions, due to component
    geometry and fixture
  • Reduce cycletime
  • Improvements to the initial draft concept
    from the customer, the machine
    manufacturer and the fixture
  • Simultaneous process design; parallel design
    of tool collision monitoring by the machine
    manufacturer and the KOMET GROUP®
  • Cycle time < 300 secs. incl. loading and
    unloading by handling system
  • 2 bores to fit
  • 15 threads in 4 different sizes
  • 45 machining positions
  • Material heat-treated AlSi11


  • Intelligent combined special tools
  • Long, narrow but also stable design
  • VABOS combinations with drill thread
    milling tools or PCD fine machining tools
  • Project completed in less than 3 months
    without problems
  • Thread forming tools heat-shrunk into
    Thermogrip holders mean reduction in
    investment in clamping equipment
  • Avoidance of collisions and tool restrictions
    due to long, slim tools being introduced
  • Reduction of initial draft tool concept
    by 3 tools
  • First time equipment of 5 machining
    centres within an extremely short time



Solid carbide drill

  • Advanced cutting geometry
  • Optimized radial land geometry

Insert milling cutters

  • High performance aluminium geometry
  • Maximum chip removal rate


  • Brazed PCD design for multiple cutting edges

VABOS combination

  • PCD drill reaming tool
  • Drilling and fine machining in
    one pass

VABOS combination

  • Drill thread milling tool and counterboring
  • One tool, three combined features

MOREX thread forming tool

  • No chip problems because of thread forming
  • Long slim design
  • Heat shrunk directly into thermal expansion chuck