Suspension arm


  • Tool restrictions, unfavourable space to work and
    machining allowances characterize this component
  • Short cycle times are an every-day challenge
  • Use on special machine
  • Reduction in clamping devices by using multifunctional
    tools (partly with reverse machining)
  • Saving in tools, and therefore magazine spaces, on the
    special machine because of high combination facility


  • Modular combination tools with multi machining capability
  • Maximum number of cutting edges for high cutting
  • Inserts with advanced tool life with maximum number of
    cutting edges for economic machining
  • Tools with tangential technology
    - Maximum feed rates (reduction in main time)
    - Use of maximum number of cutting edges (economy)
    - Production reliability even with unfavourable conditions
  • Modular, stepped reaming tools with multiple cutting
    edges to reduce cycle time
  • Extensive tool trials in the TechCenter



Tangential technology

  • KOMET®  tangential inserts for milling and rough boring
  • One insert concept for two machining processes
  • 8 cutting edges for optimum tool design
  • Optimized for machining cast materials

Machining without reclamping

  • Modular reverse facing tool with adjustable chamfer
  • High precision ABS®  connection

Pre- and finish machining of bearing bore

  • Inserted combination tool for pre-machining
  • Modular reaming tool for finish machining
  • Maximum feed rates
  • No setup time
  • Few tool changes