DIHART® Duomax

Indexable Insert Technology Changes the Cycle when Reaming

We have put our entire wealth of experience into the new
generation of DIHART®
Cutting Ring, called Duomax.

The  DIHART® Cutting Ring  for reaming basic and through holes is established and often copied due to its cost-effectiveness. This is one of the modular multi-blade tooling systems that features the easily replaceable  DIHART® Cutting Ring  on the holder. The user gets a finish-ground tool which does not require any time-consuming setting and adjustment work to the individual cutters.

The indexable inserts for reaming have two fully utilisable cutting edges. Each set of indexable inserts saves you a retipping cycle and thereby reduces tool costs and time as well as effort spent on logistics. When retipping is required after delivering double the tool life, this is also much easier to do in comparison with the soldered  DIHART® Cutting Ring, because the number of machining steps in the process has been reduced. In connection with this, the tool life of the basic body is also longer, because it is no longer subjected to thermal stress. In addition, the precision and stability of the basic body has been further improved through optimisation of the basic shape.

A variety of cutting tool materials and coatings enable the individual adaptation of reamers to machining assignments and perfect processing of a wide variety of materials. In the future, a variety of coatings for this will be conceivable that cannot be used on soldered tools. Overall the flexibility with regard to selecting the cutting material and coating for reaming processes will significantly increase productivity. Moreover, tolerance and geometry changes can be accomplished quickly and with little effort. This allows users to react to product modifications or new products in a new rhythm.

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  • Diameter range 60,6 - 110,6 mm
  • Hole tolerances of <big>≥ </big>IT5
  • Use with cast metal, solutions for steel, stainless steels, aluminium and other materials to follow


Benefits for you:

  • Retipping for extremely high cost efficiency
  • For large hole diameters
  • Modular multi-blade tooling system
  • Compensation for wear through simple readjustment
  • A variety of cutting materials and coatings
  • Extremely high flexibility

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