and modular

DIHART Reamax®

The high-speed Reamax®  reaming tools from DIHART®  offer maximum cutting performance due to multiple blades and the advantages of replaceable cutters in a single system.
This modular reaming tool consists of a tool holder with cylindrical shank and the Reamax®  replaceable cutter. A high precision short taper with face contact ensures the connection between the replaceable cutter and adapter. This enables exact reproducibility of the diameters and immediate continuation of work with a new carbide replaceable cutter. The complete diameter range from 12.5 to 40.0 mm is covered by only five tool holders sizes.

Film Applications

Film Applications
Core hole Reamax®



  • Diameters
    from 12.5 to 40.0 mm
  • Bore length 3xD and 5xD
  • Through holes and blind bores:
    Straight and lefthand
  • Designed for internal coolant supply and minimum quantity lubrication

Your PLUS:

  • Replaceable cutters with 6 - 8 blades
  • Maximum flexibility with regard to the combination of cutting materials and coatings (cutting materials HM and DST, coatings TiN, DBG and DJC)
  • The diameter and geometry of the replaceable cutters are specific to the application and freely selectable
  • Maximum cost-effectiveness and absolute process reliability
  • No resetting when changing the cutters
  • Low vibration at even the highest cutting speeds
  • Reduced delivery times for standard and special dimensions
  • Special dimensions and individual geometries at no extra price