The ideas factory

The IDEEN-FABRIK+ reflects the evolution of the KOMET GROUP from a tool manufacturer into a creative expert for solutions covering all aspects of boring, reaming, thread milling and mechatronic tools. The central objective is to offer our customers and employees scope for creative working and learning. On a total area of 2,500 m2, we have created a modern, multi-storey factory environment. The IDEEN-FABRIK+ was deliberately not constructed as a separate, detached training building, but integrated directly above a manufacturing business. While the metal swarf flies down below, ideas are exchanged above. By this, we aim to demonstrate that the work here is always associated with new ideas and creative ambition.

Conference area




Your PLUS:

The objective of our seminars is the immediate implementation of what
has been learnt in practice. Our instructors are therefore all experienced
application technicians. Our training content is up-to-date and focussed on
day-to-day practical applications. We want to offer more than others. In
order to achieve the greatest possible benefits for participants and
companies with our seminars, we are active on your behalf both beforehand
and afterwards.

PLUS 1. For Example.

You make your individual problem into the
training subject. Participants can submit
their own problems from practice correspon-
ding to the subject, three weeks before
their seminar dates. These can then be
integrated into the training as examples,
anonymously if preferred.

PLUS 2. Private Lesson.

You benefit from knowledge transfer with
sustainability. Participating companies
receive a voucher, which guarantees free
support on questions of implementation
of the seminar contents for three months
following the training. By telephone,
e-mail or by an application technician on
the spot.

PLUS 3. Inhouse Individual.

You bring the IDEEN-FABRIK+ to your
company. On request, we will analyse
your cutting processes and develop
solutions for the optimisation of your
manufacturing environment. On this
basis, we work out contents for training
sessions for your employees on your
own premises – designed specifically
for your production.

PLUS 4. Letter of Ideas.

You remain in contact with us. Several
times annually, we keep the participants
of all seminars abreast of current
subjects of the IDEEN-FABRIK+.