Connecting rod


  • Pre- and finish machining for large and small bore
  • Use of minimal lubrication or conventional wet
  • For process development on machining centres
  • Batch production on special machines
  • Optimized process design:
    Development and testing on trial machines,
    then transfer of design to mass production
  • Use of multi-spindle machining centres and
    special machines
  • Material: C70 VS



  • Combination tools with optimum stability and cutting geometry
  • Proven KOMET®  inserts and cutting materials for maximum cutting performance and extraordinarily economic results
  • Small connecting rod eye:
    In finish machining feeds up to 1 mm/rev due to use of
    multiple insert reaming technology (–> reduction in main
  • Starting the bore reliable even under difficult
    conditions (calotte) with KUB Quatron®  solid drill



  • Roughing of large bore with tool with 4 inserts
  • Semi-finish machining and deburring of large bore
  • Adjustable cartridge solution for machining chamfers

  • Circular milling of groove with inserted milling tool

  • Reliable solid drilling and
    deburring of small bore
    Starter bore, even under
    difficult conditions, with
    KUB Quatron®  inserts

  • Reamax®  reaming tool for
    feed rates of > 1 mm/rev
  • Finish boring with standard
    PCD inserts