Roll Form Tap MOREX R HSS-E with carbide strips

In thread machining roll form tapping becomes more popular.
The successfull roll form tap MOREX HML has been refined by KOMET to the brandnew type MOREX R.

This new design allows highest tool life in all materials qualified for roll form tapping. Based on the combination of flexible shank and a hard thread profile, this unique tool outmatches conventional carbide roll form taps particularly in steel materials.

Furthermore the used tool can be refurbished  2-3 times.

For standard tools customers can get a special service. When sending the used tool back to KOMET, it will be traded in to a refurbished tool immediately without additional delivery time.

Depending on the thread dimension this is a cost advantage between 20-40% versus a brand new tool.

Besides the responsible reduction of material resources, we benefit from the maximum tool life achievable and high tool cost savings.


Your PLUS:

  • Highest tool life can be achieved in all materials which are suitable for roll form tapping
  • Tools can be refurbished several times
  • Keeps tool costs down: Simply send in any worn standard tools, and in return you will receive reconditioned tools.
  • Supplied "just in time "
  • Small misalignment will be compensated; big advantage when used on transfer lines