Roll form tap - Solid Carbide Roll form tap

In contrast to thread cutting, no chips are produced when threads are made using thread formers. The process of coldforming without machining is particularly well suited for producing threads that are highly stressed.

Formed threads have a smoother surface and greater tensile strength under dynamic stress than cut threads.

With the new  JEL® MOREX S  solid carbide thread former, the KOMET GROUP is expanding the fields of application for solid carbide thread formers. Above all, these tools are especially suitable for steel materials with small dimensions.



  • For metric ISO threads according to DIN 13
  • Cutting material: Solid carbide
  • Dimensions: M3 to M8, M8×1 and M10×1
  • Chamfer: Form C
  • Coating: TiN
  • Inner cooling lubricant supply

Benefits for you:

  • Enhanced fields of application – especially in small dimensions, where it was not previously possible to use solid carbide thread formers
  • Excellent performance and extremely long tool life for all easy-to-shape materials thanks to a combination of design and optimised geometry
  • Short cycle times thanks to the high cutting speed