Over 1000 new tools for successful machining


The KOMET GROUP will be showcasing a wide range of innovations under the slogan "THE CUTTING EDGE – Solutions for the best performance". The highlight will be the extended range of indexable insert milling cutters, accompanied by many new diamond indexable inserts and new tools from the fields of drilling, reaming and threading. Over 1000 additional precision tools have been added to the KOMET® product range.

In addition to its well-known innovative tools for high-precision drilling, reaming and threading, the KOMET GROUP now boasts a wide range of high-performance milling cutters. Alongside the well-established KOMET® Quatron hi.feed, KOMET® hi.aeQ and KOMET® hi.apQ milling cutter lines, six more indexable insert milling cutter systems (four single-sided and two double-sided indexable inserts) are now available ex stock.

Some examples: The new KOMET® milling cutters include the KOMET® Q55-KCM (KOMET® copy-milling) copy miller that is particularly suitable for machining turbine blades, but can also be used very universally. The 45° KOMET® Q63-KFM (KOMET® face-milling) face milling cutter is also part of the new product range. It is designed for face-milling operations with a cutting depth of up to 6.5 mm and a tooth feed of up to 0.5 mm. The KOMET® Q56-KHF (KOMET® high-feed) face-milling cutter is a particularly efficient tool. It was designed for high-feed applications and achieves a very high chip volume per unit of time. Its angled cutting edge also achieves optimum surface quality. The KOMET® Q43-KSM (KOMET® shoulder-milling) shoulder milling cutter produces shoulders that are step-free and are exactly 90° as a result of its soft-cutting geometry.

With over 70 indexable inserts featuring different topographies, substrates and coatings, which can be combined with 60 different basic body designs, KOMET® now has a full and varied product range, ideal for handling all milling tasks, from face, shoulder and chamfer milling to straight, 45° and T-slot milling, circular and plunge milling, angled plunge milling and free-form milling.

The range of ISO indexable inserts with diamond cutting edges has also experienced huge growth and has been extended to more than 900 items. In addition to KOMET® PCD products, CVD thick film diamond-tipped inserts can now also be supplied. All variants are manufactured using the latest production technology, such as laser machining and high-vacuum soldering, which results in high-quality cutting edges and variable geometries as well as improved cutting results and longer tool life.

Indexable insert reaming for small diameters

Indexable insert technology has revolutionised reaming with multi-blade reamers and has set new standards for precision and functionality. KOMET® therefore introduced the KOMET REAMAX® TS Duo to extend the range of these tools to be compatible with smaller diameters of down to 42 mm. The range of solid carbide reaming tools has also been extended: The KOMET® Fullmax "Champions" with the ISO designations P, S, M, K, N and H are adapted to specific materials and offer a significant increase in performance compared to the universal reamer.

New lightweight bridges made from aluminium were developed to extend the KOMET MicroKom® hi.flex precision drilling system. They are characterised by their low weight and high rigidity and, with four variants, cover a range of diameters from 210 to 365 mm. This means that they are an ideal extension of the previous 6 to 215 mm diameter range of the KOMET MicroKom® hi.flex. The KOMET® MicroKom BluFlex® precision adjustment head, equipped with state-of-the-art wireless networking, has an identical interface and can therefore also accommodate the new aluminium bridges.

HSS taps with carbide strips were only available as special tools until now. The KOMET JEL® GG HML tools are now available ex stock and in the sizes M6 to M12 as standard in the catalogue. These taps combine the benefits of a flexible HSS shank with the advantages of a hard carbide cutting edge. They can thus compensate for slight alignment faults and, at the same time, achieve long tool life. The KOMET JEL® GG HML taps are achieving particularly good results in machining grey cast iron (GG) and vermicular cast iron (GJV).

Service brand marks a milestone

In addition to its new tools, the KOMET GROUP, a single-source supplier of precision tools, also offers numerous additional services, for example through its service brand KOMET® BRINKHAUS. The subsidiary develops, produces and markets monitoring and control systems for machine tools. The highlight of the range is the KOMET® BRINKHAUS ToolScope system, which provides high-end technology in process and machine monitoring. Firmware version 10 marks a milestone in relation to the Industry 4.0 concept. This is because it has turned ToolScope into a comprehensive KOMET® assistance system for production machining. It includes a large number of applications, known as apps, which make it easy for users to access and utilise the machine and process data recorded.

An important addition to the customer-oriented range of tools is provided by the second service brand: KOMET SERVICE®. A network of highly-qualified KOMET SERVICE® partners, linked together in a franchise system, provides a professional regrinding service, reliably and at short notice, and is also responsible for the sale of solid carbide, carbide-tipped and HSS standard tools from the KOMET GROUP. Even special tools can be procured through these partners. The network now extends over the whole of Germany and is undergoing significant expansion in Europe and abroad. There are already KOMET SERVICE® partners in Austria, France, Sweden, the Czech Republic as well as the USA and Canada.

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