KOMET GROUP launches investment offensive


Construction begins on a state-of-the-art logistics centre atthe Besigheim site

The KOMET GROUP has emerged from the recession evenstronger than before and is planning a large-scale investmentoffensive for implementation over the next few years. The company is investing further in its Besigheim site, with theconstruction of a new, state-of-the-art logistics centre.


"We are investing for the benefit of our customers and our aimis to speed up our processes", says Dr Christof Bönsch,managing director of the KOMET GROUP, explaining thereasoning behind the large-scale offensive. By cutting back onthe individual handling stages, the plan is to reduce theprocessing time required for incoming orders. The logisticscentre, which will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology, will cover 400 m2, providing space for around 15,000 items fromthe KOMET, DIHART and JEL product ranges. "The use ofstate-of-the-art warehouse technology and high-performanceEDP equipment will vastly reduce our ongoing operating costsand inventory expenditure", adds Matthias Heinz, also amanaging director of the KOMET GROUP.


The KOMET GROUP has joined forces with i+oIndustrieplanung + Organisation GmbH & Co KG, MFI AG andGoldbeck Süd GmbH to ensure it has a team of skilled partnerson board to assist with the planning and construction phases.The new logistics centre will be built as an extension to theexisting building on the factory premises. Following the groundbreakingceremony on 20th January 2011, completion andrelocation are expected to take place in August 2011, withoperations continuing as normal.

The construction of the new logistics centre is merely theprelude to a whole series of further investments. Over the nextfew years, the KOMET GROUP plans to invest over 50 millioneuro in machinery and equipment in order to reinforce itsleading position in the field of precision tools. "We haveabsolute faith in the Besigheim site and, most importantly, inour staff", says Dr Christof Bönsch. "Given the stable economicsituation, we are also preparing to bring forward a plannedsalary increase, in recognition of the fact that our employeeshave demonstrated remarkable loyalty towards us over the lastyear, which is something we certainly don't take for granted",continues Bönsch. The 2.7 percent pay rise will beimplemented two months earlier than scheduled, from 1stFebruary 2011.


The KOMET GROUP is taking advantage of a flexible clause inthe metalworking collective labour agreement signed inFebruary 2010, which allows for the introduction of the pay riseto be shifted by two months either side of the scheduled date.The workforce at the KOMET sites in Besigheim and Stuttgart-Vaihingen will be the beneficiaries of the early salary increase.

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