KOMET® and AVANTEC form strategic partnership


“Everything from a single source”

The manufacturers of precision tools must develop in line with customer demands for innovative tool concepts and complete solutions for machining tasks - especially in an economically difficult environment.

With this in mind, the globally active market leader in bore machining – the KOMET GROUP® - and the innovation leader in the area of high-positive tooling systems – AVANTEC – have agreed to launch a strategic partnership. The aim is to join together on future project business with the high-performance portfolio of two innovative, well-known brands. 

The KOMET GROUP®  has the most extensive product portfolio, structured into modules for bore machining. It covers the entire spectrum of internal machining, from high-precision continuous, secondary and precision boring through to reaming and threading. Moreover, innovative ideas give rise to custom-made solutions for specific components that benefit the customer. “We call it TOOLS PLUS IDEAS”, says Managing Director of the KOMET GROUP®, Dr. Christof Bönsch.

AVANTEC, leader in the area of high-performance milling cutters and pioneer for high-positive tooling systems, looks forward to this partner-ship bringing greater access to international markets, according to Managing Director and founder, Gustav Werthwein. AVANTEC's uncompromising focus on milling machining has allowed them to evolve into a first-class company in only a few years.

With this strategic merger, both partners complement each other even further and offer customers “Everything from a single source”.

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