Low-vibration face milling


The KOMET GROUP presents the KOMET®  hi.aeQ high-performance facing arbor milling cutter for the first time at the EMO 2013. It is outstandingly suitable for reliably shoulder and face milling cast iron workpieces.


The chemically nickel-plated basic body of the new  KOMET®  hi.aeQ arbor milling cutter is equipped with tangentially screwed Q80 indexable inserts, which are fitted in an alternately vertical and horizontal arrangement at the circumference of the tool. In this way, each indexable insert provides eight usable cutting edges, which contributes to a cost-effective advantage during machining.


The Q80 tangential indexable inserts used, which are designed for counterboring and milling operations, provide a high level of stability. They are characterised by low cutting forces, which in turn means reduced power consumption. The low-vibration, steady milling characteristics also reduce the load on the spindle. This concept guarantees a particularly high level of process reliability, when combined with modern substrates and coatings which are matched to the each particular machining task. The indexable inserts can be supplied with a PVD or CVD coating.

The new  KOMET®  hi.aeQ facing arbor milling cutter is available in the diameters of 63, 80, 100, 125 and 160 mm. The interface of the basic body is designed as an arbor milling cutter in accordance with DIN 8030. If an internal coolant supply is used, a special coolant sleeve ensures that the lubricant is equally distributed to every cutting edge.

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