Honing on a machining centre


By combining a  KOMET  KomTronic®  U-axis system with Xstep® honing tools from DIAHON, machining centres (MC) can be used for path-controlled honing. The resulting cost and quality benefits are enormous. Small to medium series production workpieces can be prepared and honed in a single clamping arrangement on the machining centre. Loss of accuracy and time owing to clamping changeovers are avoided, while transport to and storage at a separate honing machine can be consigned to the past. Throughput times are also shortened thanks to the low honing oversizes associated with this particular process.


Honing is a finishing process for the high-precision machining of cylindrical bores, which must fulfil defined geometric and topological characteristics within narrow limits. Typical examples of use are the piston contact surfaces in engine blocks, the eyes of connecting rods used in piston engines and hydraulic components in general.

The key element used in honing is the tool, which is usually rotationally symmetrical and has so-called honing bars as cutting edges. These cutting edges consist of metal-bonded cutting grains of diamond or CBN and are therefore somewhat similar to grinding tools. Such a honing tool, as a complete unit, largely fills the bore. As the tool turns and is fed forward, its cutting edges are pressed against the bore wall via an internal feed cone.

Special honing machines are available for honing. But, for a few years, the demand has been increasing for more flexible solutions, which can be used on a normal machining centre, for example. That has so far only been possible to a limited extent. What was lacking was the precisely controlled feed of the honing tools and the possibility of automatic wear compensation for the honing bars. But now, with the KomTronic®  U-axis from the KOMET GROUP, a fully developed system is available that includes the function of feeding the tools.


Bernd Sihling, Deputy General Director of the honing tool specialist company DIAHON Werkzeuge GmbH & Co. KG, sees "the trend of the future" in flexible honing solutions on machining centres. "With its  KomTronic®  U-axis, the KOMET GROUP offers a standard system that works perfectly with our Xstep® honing tools. The committed and highly dynamic team of developers at KOMET has adapted the existing U-axis system to the requirements of the honing process within a very short space of time and has therefore impressed us as a future co-operation partner. Working together with KOMET, we can now perform mechanically path-controlled honing on a machining centre and do not have to put up with any kind of drawbacks in terms of process or quality in comparison to a separate honing machine."


On the contrary, the new solution presented by the KOMET GROUP and DIAHON has many advantages. The most important plus point is that the process which was once expensive is now significantly cheaper. Firstly, it is no longer necessary to acquire a separate machine which requires a not inconsiderable space footprint and is used to full capacity only in some cases by many users. Secondly, production in itself is less expensive, because it is no longer necessary to retool the machine for special operations. The process can even become highly automated, e.g. where interlinked machining centres with pallet systems are used. And no additional costs are incurred for separate equipment and articulated connections for the honing process.


Moreover, the combination of a  KOMET  KomTronic®  U-axis system with Xstep® honing tools from  DIAHON  promises advantages not only on the machining centre. Such a honing system (with slight modifications) is also possible on rotary transfer machines and special machines.


The brand names  KOMET®  and  KomTronic®  are the property of KOMET GROUP GmbH. Xstep® is a brand of the DIAHON company.

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