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The improved concept of the KOMET TwinKom®  lightweight double cutters, which is presented by the KOMET GROUP for the first time at the EMO 2013, promises particularly cost-effective cutting results. This is because the tools are particularly rigid, providing high transmissible torques and substantial cutting performance. KOMET TwinKom®  double cutters are versatile and can be used for roughing, finishing, as a follow-on cutting tool or as a stepped tool.


The adjustable KOMET TwinKom®  double cutters are modular and suitable for the 365 mm to 2000 mm diameter range, with an adjustment range of 40 mm relative to the diameter. The size of the replaceable bridge is application-oriented and adapted to suit the hole diameter to be cut, which is why the bridge is made according to customer requirement. Due to standardisation, delivery times are relatively short.

The tool is versatile in its use. It can be used as a double cutter for roughing or a single cutter for finishing, as a follow-on cutting tool and, when equipped with an adapter, as a stepped tool. The tool blocks for roughing can be adjusted radially and axially, both for dual cutter use and for cut distribution. For finishing, the fine adjustment insert can be applied to the workpiece directly without clamping. Fine adjustment of 2 µm through scale division is possible.


The same tool blocks can be used for roughing and finishing throughout all diameter ranges. All replaceable bridges are prepared ready for an internal coolant supply. An adjustable jet guarantees positionally accurate cooling of the cutting edge. Because DIN mill adapters are used on the machine side to connect the tools, they can be adapted for all commonly used spindles.


The PLUS of the  KOMET TwinKom®  lightweight double cutters

  • High rigidity
  • Substantial cutting performance
  • High transmissible torques
  • Exchangeable tool blocks for roughing and finishing
  • Can be used as a follow-on cutting tool and, by means of an adapter, as a stepped tool
  • High level of flexibility thanks to modular design of system components
  • Internal coolant supply
  • Tool connection with standard mill adapter according to DIN standard
  • Cost-effective cutting thanks to the use of standard tool blocks and indexable inserts, which can be supplied ex stock
  • Wide selection of cutting tool materials and cutting geometries

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