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With  KOMET®  indexable inserts and the associated range of tools, users can benefit from a powerful concept for machining any type of material. In order to ensure optimum cutting conditions at all times, the KOMET GROUP is continuously further developing its indexable inserts and, with its own production facility, creating innovative new products, such as the recently commissioned coating plant.

KOMET® offers a wide variety of indexable inserts. Their material and cutting geometry can vary according to requirements. The rake angle, topography and cutting edge radius are adapted to the cutting application so as to guarantee active chip control, the minimisation of burrs on the workpiece, maximum surface finish quality, optimum process reliability thanks to a high level of stability and efficient use of machine capacity.

To make sure that, as well as the geometry, the cutting material of the indexable inserts is always state-of-the-art, at the end of 2012 the KOMET GROUP commissioned an ultra-modern CVD coating plant. The plant makes it possible perform complex coating processes for a range of different tools, components and applications. As a result, the KOMET GROUP must now be the only precision tools company in the sector to offer all the significant coatings now used in industry, such as PVD, CVD and nanocrystalline diamond layers from its own in-house production facility. This confirms the KOMET GROUP's claim to a leading position as a technology developer for precision tools, while users reap the benefits of top quality and short delivery times thanks to the high-tech plant.

Henry Schütt, Team Leader for cutting material development, explains, "We want to offer our customers a wide range of products with as many new developments as possible. Currently, 32 percent of all standard products from the KOMET GROUP are under five years old. We want to increase this proportion even further so that our customers can be certain they are getting state-of-the-art technology."

Chip formation under control

One example of the continuous optimisation of the existing product range is the indexable inserts with topography 03. These are now available with the new high-performance cutting material BK6730 with CVD-MT coating. These inserts are particularly suitable for the continuous drilling and boring of steel materials with the KOMET® KUB Trigon®, KUB Quatron® and
KUB Centron® Powerline tools.

The dome-shaped chip forming step with topography 03 brings about a different chip flow behaviour. The chips are compressed in their cross-section and therefore tend to break more quickly. These indexable inserts therefore guarantee improved chip formation when cutting difficult materials, such as tough, long-chipping steel materials and stainless steels. Reliable chip evacuation is also ensured in the case of large L/D ratios.

The new indexable inserts guarantee process reliability, even at high cutting speeds (greater than 300 m/min). This allows users to reduce machining time or extend tool life considerably – with the same cutting parameters as before.

Top performance in cast iron machining

A new high-performance cutting material, known as BK7615, has replaced the previous BK61 grade. Tools with these types of inserts permit higher cutting speeds and offer improved wear resistance. This results in an overall increase in performance when bore-machining cast iron and hardened materials. The new BK7615 inserts therefore ensure nearly double the contact times of the previous model, during both dry and wet machining. This was established during tests with the EN-GJS-600 cast material, which was machined with the following cutting values: vc = 250 m/min; f = 0.10 mm; ap = 0.50 mm. The higher wear resistance here is also due to a new CVD coating. With the introduction of the new BK7615 cutting material, two additional indexable insert sizes were also presented to make sure that the excellent performance of this coating can also be used with tools for smaller hole diameters.

PVD high-performance coating for heat-resistant steels

The further developments from the KOMET GROUP are always characterised by their practical relevance. This is particularly true of the W60/W79 inserts, which have been extended to include a PVD-coated version (BK2710). An extremely wear-resistant K10 carbide is used as the base substrate, which, in combination with a TiAlN coating, guarantees maximum dimensional accuracy and wear resistance. These indexable inserts are ideally suited to highly heat-resistant steels such as duplex steels, nickel-chrome alloys and the special materials used for turbochargers, turbine blades and connection elements.

The machining of turbocharger housings is a popular subject at the moment, and one on which the KOMET GROUP is focussing much of its efforts. In close collaboration with various turbocharger housing manufacturers, KOMET® has developed a comprehensive range of tools, consisting of conventional stepped and special tools as well as state-of-the-art mechatronic KomTronic® tools. The material, coating and geometry of the KOMET® indexable inserts used with the tools are perfectly suited to machining the high-temperature-resistant materials.

The advantages of the KOMET®  indexable inserts:

  • Active chip control
  • Minimisation of burrs
  • High-quality surface finish
  • Process reliability thanks to a high level of stability
  • Efficient use of machine capacity
  • Various coatings

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