Widely diverse solid carbide selection


The KOMET GROUP is well-known as a leading innovator for high-precision drilling, reaming and threading, but the precision tools manufacturer also has a wide range of high-performance milling cutters. Amongst others, these include the new, extended range of KOMET JEL® F.line solid carbide end milling cutters. The range offers tools in the diameter range from 1.0 to 25.0 mm, which are suitable for use with iron and steel materials, aluminium and non-ferrous metal, soft and hard machining (up to 65 HRC), and in mould and die making.

With the new KOMET JEL® F.line generation, already existing solid carbide tools have been expanded in diameters and lengths, and new products have been added: For example, special graphite milling cutters, spherical milling cutters for aluminium and an HPC finishing end mill. The HPC finishing end mill is characterised by a high level of vibration damping and, thanks to the asymmetrical cutting edge spacing and variable pitch angle, enables a higher feed rate. This advantage is particularly effective for deeper milling paths and trochoidal milling and, when cutting, always produces an excellent surface finish.

The KOMET JEL® F.line forms part of a complete solid carbide portfolio that meets market requirements, and also includes the KUB® Drillmax VA, KUB® Drillmax 3xD and KUB® Drillmax 12xD drills as well as the KOMET DIHART® Fullmax solid carbide reamers.

An important addition to this customer-oriented range is provided by the KOMET SERVICE® offer with its comprehensive network of highly-qualified KOMET SERVICE® partners. It guarantees – at short notice and reliably – professional regrinding and individual re-coating services in original quality, alongside precise tool retipping. In addition, it provides new tools from the readily available TOOLlife range as well as simple solid carbide special tools.

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