Service display in the facing head


KOMET GROUP draw bar tools are used in highly productive machine tools. They should not first be maintained when production quality decreases due to wear. When several different draw bar tools are used on a machine for manufacturing workpiece variants with differences in duration of use, it is easy to lose sight of each particular period of use. The duration of use can no longer be determined. As a result, it is also not be possible to draw conclusions about possible wear, and maintenance intervals cannot be determined in advance.

The new KomTronic® service indicator provides a remedy for this problem. It is located directly on the tool so that the user can read off the duration of use and the displacement travelled. In addition, digital recording of the operation times can be used to organise maintenance in strictly defined intervals. A higher degree of production reliability and cost savings through timely maintenance of wear parts can be achieved as a result. Furthermore, compromises in component quality can be avoided.

The KomTronic® service indicator is an option that can be integrated in new and existing draw bar tools alike.

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