Deep-hole drilling to 40xD


Whereas the KOMET KUB® Drillmax "normal" range of solid carbide drilling tools in diameters from 3.0 to 16.0 millimetres and in lengths/diameters ratios 3×D, 5×D and 7-8×D are already available, the precision tool manufacturer has developed an XL standard range of tools for deep-hole drilling. The expertise gained from developing many special solutions has been incorporated in the tools of the KOMET KUB® Drillmax XL series, which is available ex stock for 12×D in the diameters of 3.0 to 12.0 mm, for 20×D in the diameters of 3.0 to 10.0 mm and for 30×D in the diameters 3.0 to 8.0 mm.

For the XL variants, the tool geometry has been adapted to the requirements of deep-hole drilling. The spiral-fluted deep-hole drills are provided with four lands to ensure a high degree of drilling and alignment accuracy. Optimised, special flutes guarantee ideal chip removal. In addition, the tools undergo a special surface treatment and are provided with a coating which has already more than proven itself in the manufacture of KOMET® special tools. As a result, KOMET KUB® Drillmax XL tools enable drilling with process reliability to a depth of 30×D without pecking, whereby high feed rates and cutting speeds promote short manufacturing times.

A speciality that can supplied on request is the KOMET KUB® Drillmax XL ALU 40×D, a high-performance drill with a cutting edge and flute geometry specially matched for aluminium. Thanks to the additionally polished flutes, chips are reliably transported out of holes to a depth of 40×D.

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