Indexable insert milling cutters for every task


At EMO Milano 2015, the KOMET GROUP will be presenting a full range of indexable insert milling cutters covering every milling task as a result of different topographies, substrates and coatings matched to each other. Alongside the well-established  KOMET®  Quatron hi.feed,  KOMET® hi.aeQ and  KOMET® hi.apQ milling cutter lines, six more milling cutter systems (four single-sided and two double-sided indexable inserts) are now available ex stock.

Some examples: The new  KOMET®  milling cutters include the  KOMET® Q55-KCM (KOMET® copy-milling) copy miller that is particularly suitable for machining turbine blades, but can also be used very universally. The 45°  KOMET®  Q63-KFM (KOMET® face-milling) face-milling cutter is also part of the new product range. It is designed for face-milling operations with a cutting depth of up to 6.5 mm and a tooth feed of up to 0.5 mm. The  KOMET® Q56-KHF (KOMET®  high-feed) face-milling cutter is a particularly efficient tool. It was designed for high-feed applications and achieves a very high chip volume per unit of time. Its angled cutting edge also achieves optimum surface quality. The  KOMET®  Q43-KSM (KOMET®  shoulder-milling) shoulder milling cutter produces shoulders that are step-free and are exactly 90° as a result of its soft-cutting geometry.

More than 70 new indexable inserts are available for the  KOMET®  milling cutters – from extremely soft-cutting topographies for machining in a way that protects the spindles on small to medium-sized machines to extremely stable cutting edges for hard machining. Four new kinds of high-performance cutting material which ensure an even longer tool life when machining steel and cast iron materials, high-strength or high-temperature resistant steels and titanium and titanium alloys are particularly notable. These are accompanied by high-performance coatings which extend the range of standard coatings which already have very good properties.


With over 60 new basic body designs, the result is a full product range, ideal for handling all milling tasks, from face, shoulder and chamfer milling to straight, 45° and T-slot milling, circular and plunge milling, angled plunge milling and free-form milling.

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