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Flexible assistance system

Expertise in tools and processes ensures efficient production

With ToolScope, the KOMET GROUP has developed an assistance system which does much more than simply monitor tool breakage and wear. It ultimately turns a machine into a production system with Industry 4.0 capability. The tool manufacturer will be presenting the latest version, which is particularly impressive due to its flexibility and user-friendliness, at the AMB 2016. For instance, customers can select the functions of KOMET® ToolScope entirely according to their requirements and can also operate the system using mobile terminals.

KOMET® BRINKHAUS GmbH has been part of the KOMET GROUP for more than three years. As a result of the interaction between tool experts and process monitoring specialists, it was possible to further develop the ToolScope process monitoring system into an integrated assistance system in terms of Industry 4.0.

During the process, KOMET® ToolScope monitors and records the machine's internal signals, such as the torque of a spindle or the feed force of an axis. It also detects events such as tool changes and machine stoppages. Using its knowledge of process identifiers such as range, tool, sequence number, etc., which can be read from the control system, the software is able to calculate parameters and deduce trends after the process is complete.

In order to design ToolScope so that it offers the user as many added benefits as possible, KOMET® has developed a number of apps. The range includes an automatic shift log, a tool change log, a solution for adaptive feed control and an independent cloud database function. Customers can put together their ToolScope entirely according to their requirements and can license the individual elements separately.

Operation of the system has also become more flexible: As of autumn 2016, users will additionally be able to view and operate their custom assistance system on mobile terminals such as tablets and smartphones.

The following example demonstrates just how successful the use of the KOMET® ToolScope assistance system can be: KOMET GROUP tool and process experts managed to triple the tool life of an indexable insert face milling cutter using ToolScope apps. The cycle time for preparation was also significantly reduced. As a result of these savings, the payback time for the KOMET® assistance system was less than one year.

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