KOMET® Quatron hi.feed – Continuous drilling and plunge milling with Quatron indexable inserts


Additional small and large diameters for KOMET® Quatron hi.feed milling cutters


The  KOMET GROUP  first introduced the KOMET®  Quatron hi.feed  milling cutters a year ago. The product range has been such a success that KOMET®  is extending its range of diameters in time for AMB 2010. 


KOMET®  Quatron hi.feed  milling cutters enable continuous drilling and plunge milling with just one tool. A distinctive feature of this tool variant is the four-edged indexable inserts of the  KOMET  KUB Quatron® . In addition to the number of cutting edges, the tool is characterised by its capacity when it comes to continuous drilling. Users have been particularly impressed by the fast removal of large quantities of cut metal. In addition, Quatron indexable inserts can also cut radially,which means that they offer considerably more flexibility than two- or three-edged inserts during plunge milling and excavation. When milling with an axial and horizontal feed, a variety of diameters and complex contours can be achieved during a roughing procedure. The same indexable inserts are used for continuous drilling and milling.


With a diameter range of 25 to 42 millimetres, the milling cutters from  KOMET®  have already earned an excellent reputation. A smaller design with a 20mm diameter and a larger design with a 52mm diameter are set to be introduced. Additionally, the existing 42mm version with four teeth is being supplemented by a version with five teeth. The new 52mm tool is fitted with six teeth.


Gentle processing


Plunge milling, also known as plunging, is particularly well suited to cutting deep grooves and large cavities. It is a preferred processing technique because of the long projection lengths and high cutting capacity of the tools. Plunge milling is also ideal for unstable spindle conditions. This processing technique also saves the spindle by exerting less stress. Milling with an axial and horizontal feed eliminates the need for boring with several drilling tools. A further advantage is presented by the Quatron indexable inserts. With four cutting edges per insert, production costs are reduced. The successful BK8425 coating also guarantees a longer tool life. The tough substrate allows universal use of the screw-on milling cutters for steel, cast iron and stainless materials.

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