KOMET KUB Pentron® indexable insert drills up to 44.5 millimetre diameter


Further development of a drilling technology


From the basic holder variants through to the indexable inserts, the KOMET KUB Pentron®  indexable insert drills are unique. Both are patented and represent an extremely powerful drilling technology that  KOMET®  has now expanded to a diameter of 44.5 millimetre.


The special technology of the KOMET KUB Pentron®  indexable insert drills unites key features (such as achievable accuracy, top performance parameters and deep drilling depths) into one tool. The cut and feed values, which are up to 20 % higher when compared to conventional indexable insert drills currently available on the market, speak for themselves – and this goes right through to a 5 x D length/diameter ratio. The KOMET KUB Pentron®  overcomes extreme machining conditions that were previously only possible up to a L/D ratio of maximum 3 x D.


The basic holders are manufactured using a special production technology. A special surface treatment ensures optimum chip removal and sliding properties. With the basic holder variants 4 x D and 5 x D, you have an integrated tool concept at your disposal. Each of the two square indexable inserts of the KOMET KUB Pentron®  are equipped with four effective, high-quality cutting edges. A further advantage is that the inside and outside indexable inserts are identical in their form. By adapting the design to the conditions in larger hole diameters, the  KOMET GROUP  has expanded the range of  KOMET KUB Pentron®  right through to 44.5 millimetre and right across the entire range of length-to-diameter ratios up to 5 x D.      


Moreover, there is continuous further development in the areas of cutting tool materials and coatings. From all-round geometry to soft cutting and what is known as chip breaker geometry, inserts with high performance substrates and coatings are available for a wide variety of materials.

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