KOMET MicroKom® BluFlex™ – Bluetooth technology in precision drilling systems means convenient adjustment


Wireless networking in the machine room

KOMET MicroKom® BluFlex™ is an innovative tooling system into which the tool technologists of the KOMET GROUP have integrated innovative Bluetooth technology for the first time. Modern wireless networking makes adjusting the precision adjustment heads more convenient and flexible. What was presented as a study at EMO 2009 has already reached series production readiness by the time of AMB 2010.


When using tools for machining, their performance, reflected in their cutting data, service life, etc., are of course of primary importance. However, other factors such as flexibility in use or easy adjustment are also very important. In this regard, electronics have been increasingly finding their way into metal cutting tools, which until only a few years ago consisted exclusively of mechanical components. Particular challenges are posed here by the transfer of energy and data. To top it all off, such tools are used in mainly harsh surroundings exposed to swarf and coolant. Not only that, but they are also subject to limited available space in the machine working rooms. Added to this is the fact that during rotating applications, neither energy nor data can be transferred using cables. This is where inductively operating, non-contact solutions present suitable options, as achieved in the KOMET KomTronic® U-axis systems. Another solution for wireless data transfer is Bluetooth. This technology, developed for wirelessly networking devices over short distances, has now become standard for small mobile devices such as mobile phones or PDAs. The most common application areas today include connecting computers with their peripherals. Applying this technology in machining production does however present its own particular challenges, in the sense that even here, intensive development work is required before we are able to talk about a reliably practicable solution. The KOMET GROUP  has now reached this point with its KOMET MicroKom® BluFlex™ precision adjustment heads.


The aim of the development process was to disconnect the display from the precision adjustment head, in order to make the tool itself lighter and achieve higher speeds and to make more convenient and more versatile readouts possible. In order to adjust the precision adjustment head, the user can attach the external display unit in any position within his field of view, according to local conditions. Bluetooth creates the connection for data transfer from the encoder, i.e. the precision adjustment head, to the display unit. The Bluetooth interface is integrated into a specially designed adjustment key. Since the illuminated screen on the display is larger than it could ever be on the precision adjustment head itself, this contributes all the more to preventing errors, as well as bringing increased convenience. All KOMET MicroKom® BluFlex™ precision adjustment heads can be operated with a display unit and adjustment key. This innovative technology also results in a further rationalisation effect, once a user operates several of these precision adjustment heads.


Since Bluetooth enables pure data communication, the problem of an energy supply has been solved with batteries that can be replaced easily on site or by batteries in the display unit and adjustment key.


The new KOMET MicroKom® BluFlex™ precision adjustment system is available from the KOMET GROUP in a basic package consisting of one precision adjustment head, one adjustment key and one external display unit. With snap-on tools in extended packages, we have every diameter range that may be required for the application covered.

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