KOMET® KUB K2™ replaceable head drill for extremely small diameters


Challenging peak in bore machining

In the same way that mountain climbers find the smaller K2 the greater challenge, drilled holes with extremely small diameters is also considered to be the more demanding machining problem. This is particularly true when replaceable cutting edges should be cost efficient and flexible. The  KOMET®  KUB K2™  replaceable head drill was developed as a clever solution for tackling extremely small diameters and, even in these ranges, it combines the benefits of replaceable cutting inserts with maximum performance.



The  KOMET GROUP  has demonstrated that modularity brings you cost efficiency and flexibility in a very wide range of tooling systems ranging from continuous drilling and boring through to reaming. However, the smaller the hole diameters, the more challenging it becomes to make it possible to use replaceable cutting edges in the form of indexable inserts or changeable heads. The KOMET®  KUB K2™  is based on basic holders with a parallel shank, where the double-edged carbide changeable heads have been adapted. This is done using a patented self-fixing and self-centring attachment point. The process of changing the cutting head becomes extremely easy – even in the machine. The replaceable head system makes it possible to use a very wide selection of high-end geometries. The optimised surface finish quality of the cutting channels ensures excellent chip removal. The basic bodies achieve an extremely high performance level and tool life thanks to a special surface finish quality. 


Two basic body variants in 3xD and in 5xD as well as changeable heads in two coating variants "8425“ and "2725“ for machining steel, cast iron, aluminium and stainless materials can be shipped ex stock in time for the AMB 2010. The previously available diameter ranges 12 to 15.9 millimetre are covered in increments of 0.01 millimetre. Additional diameters up to 8 millimetre or up to 18 millimetre are to follow.  

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