JEL® Solid carbide milling cutter – for use in practically every type of milling machining


JEL®  Solid carbide milling cutter in the standard range of the KOMET GROUP


From face milling to plunge milling, to profile milling, form milling and circular interpolation milling, the KOMET GROUP also covers a wide range of milling machining applications in addition to internal machining with drilling, reaming and threading tools. KOMET has taken its comprehensive milling range and a variety of special, customer-specific solutions and used it to create a standard range, sold under the JEL®  brand, a range of solid carbide cutting tools which can be put to quick and flexible use straight from stock.


Particularly with its KOMET® and JEL®  brands, the  KOMET GROUP counts among the well-established manufacturers of milling cutters, which are available in many different formats and for use in practically every type of milling machining. The product portfolio ranges from the simple indexable insert shank milling cutter to the thread mill and indexable insert or PCD side and face mill. The portfolio includes such innovative solutions as the new KOMET® Quatron hi.feed mills and the equally new JEL®  PCD face-milling and screw-in cutters. As a sensible complement to all this, there is now a standard range with solid carbide milling cutters.

The new solid carbide shank milling cutter range provides tools to meet all demands in the 3.0 - 25.0 mm diameter range. They are used in cast iron and steel materials; soft and hard machining (up to 65 HRC); and in mould and die making.

The new product range is rounded off with tools for aluminium and non-ferrous metal working.

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