JEL® PCD face milling and screw-in cutters in the standard range from the KOMET GROUP


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Milling shoulders and grooves, making circular drilled holes on a helix path, and face and peripheral milling are typical operations that occur frequently when machining components. The KOMET GROUP has been designing and manufacturing application-oriented milling cutters for a long time - especially for complete machining solutions. The new JEL®  PCD face milling and screw-in cutters, which can be shipped ex stock, have emerged from the numerous application-specific special solutions as standard ranges for handling the broad spectrum of machining operations on lightweight construction materials.  



The broad application expertise of the KOMET GROUP  with regard to special milling processes for the inner and outer machining of sophisticated components is reflected in the performance of the new JEL®  PCD face milling and screw-in cuttersJEL®  PCD face milling cutters are monoblock tools and are fitted with an HSK-A63 adaptor. The increased number of flutes in relation to their diameter is particularly impressive. Tools with a diameter of 40 mm have 10 cutting edges, whereas those with a diameter of 125 mm have 22 cutting edges.The compact design of the basic body enables high milling feed rates, which results in short primary processing times. An extremely long tool life can be achieved. The soldered-in cutting edges do not require any separate adjustments and enable cutting depths of up to 8 mm. This is highly appreciated by many users. Users can connect to the new KOMET SERVICETM  network to have their tools repeatedly precision retipped by selected service partners. If desired, such tools can be delivered immediately through our exchange service.


JEL®  PCD face milling cutters are available in diameter ranges of 40 to 160 mm and in two designs: type 140 for an achievable surface roughness of Rz >10µ, type 150 with special cutting edge preparation for an achievable surface roughness of Rz <10 µ on the workpiece. This makes the new JEL®  PCD face milling cutters ideal for face milling processes for the semi- and finish machining of lightweight construction materials such as cast or solid aluminium, magnesium and fibre-reinforced plastics. The rotational speeds are 20,000 rpm and the maximum cutting speeds are around 5000 m/min. Feed rates of up to 0.3 mm/flute can be achieved, depending on the material to be machined, the selected cutting depths, the required surface quality, the clamping parameters, and the stability of the machine.


The new JEL®  PCD screw-in milling cutters are unique. Among the selling points of the modular systems is the fact that they are highly flexible and easy to handle. A complete tool consists of a screw-in cutter that is screwed into an extension. This, in turn, is fitted in a standard tool holder, e.g. a shrink chuck. Extensions are available in five sizes with different lengths. The short variants of the tool are made of steel and the long variants in vibration-damped versions are made of heavy metal. By customising the flexible tools using exchangeable components, you can carry out diverse milling operations. This means that JEL®  PCD screw-in milling cutters with their modular cut-off area can be used cost-effectively in series production as well as for prototype and pre-series production. They reduce costs and mean that fewer tools are required because they can be set to different lengths.


The new standard screw-in cutter s are available in a face milling version in diameter ranges from 10 to 32 mm. The routing cutter version (cutting over centre) is available in diameter ranges from 10 to 25 mm. They can be used for face milling, slot milling, peripheral milling, and circular interpolation milling in the pre-machining and finishing of aluminium components and in machining shoulders and grooves. They also solve problems involving long projections.


With the new JEL® PCD face milling and screw-in milling cutter  ranges, the KOMET GROUP  is enhancing their standard cutting tool range for machining lightweight construction materials. Whether for drilling, thread milling or reaming – the unique PCD tool range from the KOMET GROUP with the brands  KOMET® , DIHART®  and  JEL®  always provides a solution.

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