JEL® JSF synchro tapping chuck now comes with the KOMET ABS® interface


With the new  KOMET  ABS®   interface for the  JEL®  JSF  synchro tapping chuck, the  KOMET GROUP  is responding to the needs of their users. This interface allows the modular construction of the lengths required for the tapping chuck.


JEL®  JSF  synchro tapping chucks  provide the requirements for achieving optimum performance from the thread cutting tap or thread former used, when, in the mode known as “rigid tapping”, modern CNC machines can be used for thread tapping without a compensating chuck. The backlash of the spindle, which occurs during reversing, causes stress to one side of the threading tool. This reduces the tool life of thread cutting taps or thread formers and therefore impairs the quality of the surface of the thread that is created.  JEL®  JSF  synchro tapping chucks compensate for this. The threading specialists at the  KOMET GROUP  already offered this with HSK-A63 and straight shank connection. This now comes as a new variant with the  KOMET  ABS®   interface, which is already established in many application areas. The portfolio contains three versions: ABS 32 for collet ER 20, and ABS 50 for collets ER 20 and ER 32. The user can therefore use existing KOMET  ABS®   interfaces to benefit from the variety of suitable extension and reduction pieces that are listed in the catalogue.

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