DIHART® MicroSet System Reaming with adjustable inserts


Maximum flexibility

The new reamers from DIHART® which boast individually adjustable inserts are an alternative to the ready-to-use ground tool versions provided by the reaming specialists of the KOMET GROUP. These reamers feature multiple blades and offer a maximum degree of flexibility, reduce logistics with regard to retipping and enable cost savings thanks to the favourably priced inserts which are available from stock. 


When it comes to the use of tools for machining, there are very different philosophies with regard to adjustability. What is seen as a necessity for one is a possibility for another. This is also particularly true for reamers. There are a large number of users who want to avoid setting and adjustment operations as much as possible and would therefore prefer to use ready-to-use ground reamers. They can usually balance out the additional costs of such tools and the expenditure for retipping because there are no set-up costs. On the other hand, there are a large number of users who prefer to use adjustable tools. They want maximum flexibility in use, quick availability and the ability to utilise the varieties of cutting materials and coatings that are available. However, it's not just a matter of opinion whether one variant or the other is selected. Components, tolerances, volumes, etc. often determine the options provided.


The KOMET GROUP wants to accommodate these requirements and, as such, has developed new adjustable reamers with inserts in addition to the finish-ground reamers that are available in many different formats, such as the Reamax®  and Monomax® product series from DIHART®. These are multiple blade reamers on which the inserts can be individually adjusted in terms of diameter and taper. The single-blade inserts are adjusted by screwing. The inserts are accessed easily from above to facilitate settings precise to the µm. This enables hole tolerances of IT5 to IT6 to be obtained extremely easily. The reference dimension is provided by two measuring blocks.


The DIHART®  MicroSet System  reamers with individually adjustable inserts are available in diameters ranging from 40 to 140 mm. They are particularly impressive through their simple handling when conducting adjustments and changing the inserts. Moreover, they offer all of the advantages of adjustable tools together with maximum flexibility. The new reamers will be available at AMB 2010 for the broad range of applications in cast iron machining. Solutions for steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other materials will follow. As will models for greater machining depths. The tool concept can be used in special and multiple dies. 

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