KOMET® KomDrive facing heads for lathing with MQL


With specially optimised draw bar systems for facing heads, KOMET® has managed to combine the pressing requirements of minimum quantity lubrication technology in machining with the adjustment kinematics of facing slide tools.


There is increasing pressure on producers to cool machining processes using minimum quantity lubrication technology for environmental and cost reasons. This means that machine and tool manufacturers are faced with special challenges, especially if the cooling lubricants have to be delivered to moving components. This also applies to facing slides (i.e. facing heads) which, with their tool stroke, enable the lathing of complex contours. Here, the cooling lubricant must be delivered to a slider which moves in a radial direction to the axis of rotation. The KOMET GROUP has developed special draw bar systems which make KOMET® KomDrive facing heads suitable for machining with MQL. The challenge here is - despite the large adjustment movements from the centre - to design the coolant channel in such as way as to ensure that there is no separation of the added lubricant aerosol and that, as required, as little lubricant as possible is introduced to the cutting edges in a targeted and dosed manner. For this purpose, the KOMET® KomDrive  facing heads have a bend-free delivery of the cooling lubricant from the draw bar in the adjustment mechanism of the facing slide to the slider.  

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