KOMET® KomDrive HQB facing heads in the standard catalogue range


KOMET® has standardised its recently developed HQB (High Quality Balance) version of the KOMET® KomDrive  facing heads and supplemented the previously available versions with drawbars through rotary powered solutions.


Conventional facing heads with balance compensation function via a working slide and adjusting slide rotating in opposite directions. This enables a static single-plane balance compensation. Conventional systems therefore exhibit a wobble and, moreover, the required drive power is doubled by the counter-rotating slides. In slide tools with eccentric adjustment all of the process strength is absorbed by the drive chain and the positioning of the cutting edge is extremely difficult. 


The HQB technology developed by KOMET®  has enabled the balancing weights to be moved in front of the slide of the KOMET® KomDrive  facing heads  in one plane close to the centre of gravity for the tool and slide. It is thus possible to achieve a close to multi-plane balance by using balancing weights in one plane. This can be realised irrespective of the stroke due to its design. A significant advantage provided by this technology is that the centrifugal forces are converted into reaction forces at coupling points so that the centrifugal forces of the compensator and the slide tool system in the drive chain do not simply add up. The result is a drive torque which is largely separated from the centrifugal force formula. The clearest improvement was apparent in the significantly improved machining parameters for the 'quasi-dynamic' balance compensation, i.e. the rotational speeds achievable.


The KOMET GROUP is now applying its successful HQB technology, which was initially realised in facing slides with a drawbar drive, to a rotary powered series. Furthermore, the series models of the KOMET®  KomDrive  HQB facing heads are also being standardised and will be available in the future with external diameters ranging from 125 to 320 mm. The design of the new rotary powered HQB facing heads enables enhanced accuracy compared to translational versions as a result of flexible and quick contour machining based on HQB technology.


Optional with direct encoder


Further enhanced accuracy can be achieved through the integration of a direct encoder. The new direct encoder developed in the field of mechatronic KOMET  KomTronic® U-axis systems can be optionally integrated in both series of the KOMET® KomDrive HQB facing heads. It measures directly on the slide, thereby ensuring variable disturbances from the mechanics are also taken into account. This improves the level of repeat accuracy and compensation opportunities in the event of progressive wear of precision defining components. The fact that this optional form of position measuring can be selected by customers according to their requirements is an advantage of the modularity pursued by the KOMET GROUP, which is also offered with the standard KOMET® KomDrive HQB facing head product range.

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