DIHART® Duomax – reaming with indexable insert technology


The new generation of DIHART®  Duomax cutting rings gives you all the benefits of indexable inserts (WSP) technology. With this new generation, the KOMET GROUP is changing the pace of reaming in several ways.


The newly developed indexable insert of the  DIHART®  Duomax  reamers have two fully utilisable cutting edges. This means that users are virtually getting two multi-blade reaming tools in just one. For each set of indexable inserts, this saves one retipping cycle, which reduces tool costs, time, and logistical effort. DIHART®  Duomax  indexable inserts are delivered ground and ready-for-use in the insert seat. This also applies to retipping. With the screw mounting that is typical for indexable inserts, there is no need however for the usual heat treatment that is otherwise required with welded cutting rings. This makes retipping much faster and the basic bodies of the cutting rings have a longer tool life, which also helps to lower tooling costs. As well as being more cost-effective and faster to use with elegant and safe handling, the new indexable insert reaming technology provides a higher degree of flexibility. Diverse cutting material and coating variants enable the reaming tools to be individually modified to meet the needs of machining tasks and ensure that the most varied of materials can be machined perfectly. Fully compatible with the existing cutting ring range, the existing cutting ring holders can still be used.

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