DIHART® MicroSet System Reaming with adjustable inserts


With the reamers ® MicroSet System, the  KOMET GROUP  has developed reamers with individually adjustable inserts.


The new DIHART®  MicroSet System have multiple cutting edges and offer maximum flexibility in adjustable tools. You save on the logistics involved in retipping and achieve cost savings thanks to the reasonably priced inserts which are available from stock. Moreover, the replaceable inserts offer ideal adaptability to machining tasks thanks to the varieties of cutting materials and coatings that are available. The diameter and conicity of the inserts are individually adjustable. The single-blade inserts are easy to access and adjusted with µm accuracy when screwed into place. This enables hole tolerances of IT5 to IT6 to be obtained extremely easily. The reference dimension is provided by two measuring blocks. The tool concept of the DIHART® MicroSet System can be used in special and multiple dies and provides an alternative to the many different existing formats of custom finish-ground reamers such as the Reamax® or the Monomax®  product lines of the brand DIHART® .

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