Stepped tools with tangential indexable inserts from KOMET®


Universal and extremely tough

Tangential indexable inserts from KOMET® are extremely tough, and can be used universally in milling, drilling and boring tools. Provided that suitable machine capacities are in place, these heavy duty workers among indexable inserts enable the highest level of productivity. At Aerzener Maschinenfabrik, they reduce the number of tools when used in stepped tools. They save on the time needed for changing tools, and on individual semi-finishing operations.

Because of the increased variety and variance of products, Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH had only a limited opportunity to use multi-stage tools for machining components. The company is one of the world's leading suppliers of customer-oriented solutions in the field of air and gas conveying systems. All products are produced in-house in their entirety. The machining of components is correspondingly extensive. With the setting up of the new production centre, the most modern of its kind in the sector, the opportunity arose to rethink the machining concepts used hitherto and to improve their design.

Through the increased use of multi-stage special tools, the variety of tools and the frequent, time-consuming tool changes were to be reduced. At the same time, the intention was to use tools that are easy to handle and require no expense to set up. A solution was provided by stepped tools with tangential indexable inserts from KOMET®. The indexable insert grade BK6115 meant that the Besigheim-based tool technologists are able to offer a variant between base substrate and CVD coating that is ideally suited to the cast iron workpieces GG25 and GGG40 used frequently by Aerzen. Today, a wide range of parts, e.g. cylinder add-ons for compressors, i.e. housings, side plates, wheelhouses, etc. are machined using the tangential indexable inserts in special stepped tools of the most varied designs.

Tangential indexable inserts each have eight cutting edges, and are embedded in different positions in fixed insert seats that can optimally withstand cutting forces. They can be used universally, and allow the machining of shoulders, or chamfering and boring. The sintered, positive chip topography of the indexable inserts and their equally slightly positively designed insert seat have the effect of producing a comparatively slight cut.

Depending on the component variant, the KOMET GROUP tools save up to nine individual tools, because they machine up to four different hole diameters plus one chamfer in one operation. In addition, each of the extremely stiff tools enable a precision in the H12 range in its first operation, thereby saving the semi-finishing operations that are otherwise necessary before precision machining. In summary, Aerzener Maschinenfabrik sees the greatest benefit in the reduction of time required for tool changes and adjustment.

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