Maximum drilling performance and dimensional accuracy


As one of the leading full-range suppliers for precision tools, the KOMET GROUP is continually developing its range of tools to enable users to increase productivity even further. One typical example is the new  KOMET KUB Centron®  Powerline presented as a standard tool at the AMB 2012 – an advanced development of the  KOMET KUB Centron®  core bit drill.

The new Powerline series incorporates important features of the KUB Centron®  tools such as central drill bit, clear connection point and the drill head. The use of four-edged Quatron reversible cutting blades is new, however. Users benefit from the double edges and resulting increase in feed speeds. This in turn leads to shorter manufacturing times.

The central drill bit of the 
KOMET KUB Centron®  Powerline guides the tool precisely into the bore axis and thus guarantees dimensional accuracy, straightness and maximum process reliability at drilling depths up to 9×D. The extremely sturdy Quatron reversible cutting blade guarantees maximum stability and optimum chip discharge even at large drilling depths. Thanks to the cut distribution per side (from x 39 mm) short chips are possible even with materials that are difficult to machine. The new  KOMET KUB Centron®  Powerline can be used on all existing KUB Centron® basic elements.

The attached digital press kit contains the following five news articles regarding
the AMB 2012:

  • Investments for guaranteeing the future
  • KOMET KUB Centron® Powerline
  • KOMET MicroKom® BluFlex™
  • KOMET TPT mobile

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